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Structured Cabling Voice & Data

CAT 5e - Gigamax 5e System

Category 5e - GigaMax® :: Powerful, 1000Base-T performance

Premium Category 5e channel and component-level performance, user-friendly features, and long term integrity, are just a few of the reasons GigaMax 5e is one of Leviton's most popular copper systems. GigaMax 5e offers optimized Category 5e performance for high-bandwidth applications and high-traffic.
  • Component-rated connectors feature patented Retention Force Technology (RFT)
  • Exceptional performance for high-end Category 5e applications
  • Performance optimized for 1000Base-T and beyond


CAT 6 - eXtreme 6+ System

Category 6 - eXtreme® 6+ :: With Patented Retention Force Technology

Choose eXtreme® 6+ for craft-friendly installation and the best Category 6 performance on today's market. It's tested to 650 MHz for the ultimate in no-risk performance. When you install an eXtreme 6+ Cabling System, with eXtreme 6+ QuickPort® Snap-in Connectors, Patch Cords, Patch Panels and gigabit rated cables, you'll be prepared for a variety of mission-critical applications.

  • Retention Force Technology provides consistent performance and long system life even when 4 or 6 pin plugs have been used.
  • Exceeds Category 6 specifications for channel/component performance
  • Innovative design features craft-friendly installation and improved channel performance


CAT 6A - eXtreme 10G System

Category 6A - eXtreme® 10G

Leviton's eXtreme 10G system is independently tested and verified by ETL to exceed all current TIA 568-B.2-10 requirements for augmented Category 6 (CAT 6A) to support 10GBASE-T networks.. Patented technology ensures your network is ready for current technologies such as POE enabled devices and 10/100/1G Ethernet, as well as advanced new 10G and IP-based services.

  • Independently tested and verified by ETL
  • IEEE 802.3an 10GBASE-T and TIA 568-B.2-10 compliant
  • Guaranteed to surpass TIA defined "6-around-1" parameters
  • Cone of Silence™ minimizes the effects of Alien Crosstalk (AXT) in patch panels and outlets
  • Retention Force Technology® protects against damage caused by insertion of 4- or 6-pin plugs
  • Backwards compatible with Category 5e and 6